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What is Fuzor?

Fuzor is a multi-faceted software that takes your project from the conceptual design phase all the way through construction and facilities management. It is a VR solution, a 4D scheduler, a visualizer, an analysis tool, and much more, all bundled into a single powerful package.


Fuzor supports many 3D model file types and transforms them into an easily explorable and editable space. With the Bidirectional Live Link Support for selected software, you can make changes in one program and have them appear in Fuzor and vice-versa with the click of a button.


Enter your design in VR with no additional set up required. Just plug in your device and click Virtual Reality. It's that simple.


Work together with your team by hosting a Collaboration Session and make changes in real time. Fuzor allows for Mass Multi-user Online Design (MMOD) sessions with as many users as your hardware can handle.


Tools are available for height and safety clearance, lighting analysis, and clash analysis, allowing for quick design validation before construction.

Low Structural Beam

Low Solar Panel Support

Missing Railing

Construction Phase Fall Hazards


Fuzor provides 4D Support for Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project. Be able to quickly create construction simulations using the built-in spreadsheet and Gantt chart to import or create a schedule and simulate the building construction process, including staging of materials and construction vehicles. Fuzor even allows you to put on your VR headset and walk around on site as the building goes up around you in 3D.

Elevation Plan in 2D

Reflected Ceiling Plan in 2D

Adjust from 2D or 3D View

Clash Location - Piping vs. HVAC

Locate Safety Issues

Height Clearance Low Beam

Fully Detailed 2D and 3D Views

Visibility Overrides Active

Asset & Facilities Management

Fuzor brings in the reference links of your objects from your authoring software into your model and makes them easily accessible in your 3D enviroment. Select an object and click an embedded link to access the associated reference information such as product sites, specifications, and PDF manuals.

Unique Features

  • Point Cloud Sharing: Import a PTS Point Cloud file, save a stand alone viewer, and send it to clients without requiring them to have any kind of special software. They can simply open the viewer file and see the point cloud like you can.
  • VR Collaboration: Fuzor is the only software that can allow multiple users to enter the same file in VR and perform edits on the fly.
  • Patented Bidirectional Live Link Support: Files from Revit, ArchiCAD, and Rhino can sync back and forth with Fuzor, allowing for quick changes without the hassle of re-exporting and re-importing files.
  • Combined Matrix System: Our Construction Filter Manager is powered by a Combined Matrix System, which uses the BIM data within your file to perform a search of any parameter.

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