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Video Tutorials

Design and Analysis

Creating Design Options

Learn how to create design options in Fuzor and demonstrate your versatility.

VR Controls

Learn how our VR Interface can make your VR workflow more productive.

Material Browser

Learn how to quickly change, modify and create new materials.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Placement and Pathing

Learn how to place and path pedestrians and vehicles.

Assign Media

Learn how to assign media to 2D and 3D surfaces.

Height Clearance

Check for objects that fall below your height threshold.

View Analysis

Determine the visibility of objects in any given view.

Sketchup Integration

Learn how to bring Sketchup models into your project.

Annotation System

Learn how to create tansferable annotations and mark-ups.

Real-Time Collaboration Setup (Updated)

Learn how to set up a multi-user Realtime Collaboration Session.

Real-Time Collaboration Features

Learn how to use the features available in Realtime Collaboration.

Bidirectional Synchronization

Learn how to sync files from and back to your authoring software.

Realtime Lighting Adjustment

Learn how to make lighting value changes and view them in realtime.

Cinematic Editor

Learn how to create keyframe movies of your project with Fuzor.

Weather Adjustment, Particles, and Assign Media

Give added realism to your project.

Custom Door Animation

Learn how to customize door animations.

Custom Spin Animation

Learn how to create customized rotation animations.

Clash Analysis and Multiple Revit Instances

Utilize our interactive clash resolution system.

Multiple Section Planes

Create cross-sectional views in Fuzor.

Measurement Tools

Access our measurement tools for quick takeoffs.

Visibility Override

Change your project systems' visibility settings to isolate, compare and validate your design.

Construction - Basics

1 - Construction Interface

Familiarize yourself with Fuzor's 4D construction and scheduling interface

2 - Opening / Creating a Schedule

Learn how to import existing schedules into Fuzor or create your own.

3 - Modifying Your Schedule

Learn how to make modifications and updates to your 4D schedule.

4 - Basic Addition of Objects to Tasks

Learn how to add objects to your schedule tasks.

5-1 - Advanced Object Addition: Construction Filter Manager

Learn how to create filters to sort objects into your schedule tasks.

5-2 - Advanced Object Addition: In-Task Filter

Learn how to filter objects directly into your schedule tasks.

6 - Custom Construction Zones

Learn how to create custom construction zoning filters.

7 - Splitting Geometry

Split geometry to break large objects into smaller tasks.

8 - Equipment Placement and Pathing

Learn how to place and path construction equipment.

9 - Equipment Animation

Learn how to add custom animations to your construction equipment.

10 - Adding Equipment Tasks

Learn how to schedule equipment into your 4D animation.

11 - Rendering 4D to Video

Learn how to render your 4D animation to video.

Construction - Advanced

ADV 1 - Auto-Filtering to Tasks

Automatically filter objects across all your schedule tasks based on specified parameters.

ADV 2 - Advanced Equipment Animation

Learn how to create detailed motion paths and grab and release objects.

ADV 3 - Stagger Animation

Create detailed stagger animations to simulate complex assembly sequences.

ADV 4 - Creating Staging Tasks

Create staging and laydown areas for your 4D simulation.

ADV 5 - Dismantling Objects

Separate an element into its individual components for added 4D detailing.

Construction Vehicle Animation Tutorials

Concrete Pump Truck

Front Loader

Tower Crane

Kobelco Crane

Long Truck

Fork Lift

Mini-Crawler Crane

Luffer Crane


LB16 Drill Rig

Tipper Lorry

Pile Driver