Step Counter and Measurement Tools

Fuzor's measurement tools allow for quick measurement take-offs. Fuzor hosts an array of multi-purpose measurement tools including 2-point, perimeter, area, perpendicular, and angle measurement. Fuzor also has 3D spatial measurement to let you take fast floor area measurements based on your room bounds. For applications where walking distance is a factor, Fuzor also provides a step counter to calculate average walking distance.

Fuzor's immersive model space allows for measurement take-offs in any directional. This is something that is not possible in your authoring software's 2D sheets. The step counter also provides an active validation based upon intuitive movement from one project position to the next.

Fuzor's measurement tools have been used for applications such as clearance checks, equipment positioning, and wiring take-offs to name a few.

The step counter has its own unique application. In hospitals, nurses' stations are required to be within so many steps of any given room. In chemical facilities and hazardous construction areas, wash stations have similar requirements. These are just a few examples.