Audio Effects

Fuzor lets you add sound to any object. By selecting an object you can attach a sound file and modify it to deliver the desired effect. Ambient noises can be placed for global audio. Rolloff and effective distance can be adjusted to deliver 3D proximity effects. Sounds can also be set to loop continuously and trigger on action for a more interactive feel.

By adding audio effects to your project, Fuzor delivers an experiential connection to your textures and atmosphere. This creates an emotional connection to your project that pure visuals cannot deliver. By adjusting the audio controls and styles, that experience can be made even more realistic. This in turn creates client confidence in the future of their investment.

Our clients have leveraged our sound capabilities to provide context and an additional sensory experience to their designs. By adding the ambient sound of birds, trees and traffic they set the scene. By connecting 3D sound to their media displays they gain the added effect of experiencing proximity. By placing hard footstep sounds on concrete and rustling on grass and carpet they audibly transmit to clients and colleagues the sensation of transitioning between hard and soft ground. All this together creates a fully detailed immersive experience.