Seasonal Foliage and Tree Growth

Fuzor brings your plant life over from Revit, replacing and synchronizing it with our own foliage content for added realism. In addition, Fuzor's Foliage library provides over 200 species of trees and other foliage that can be added to populate your project, and both the trees from your project as well as our own content can be synchronized back to Revit.

Our foliage is seasonal where applicable, allowing you to change between Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter coverage, and all of our plant life is animated, reacting with your set wind conditions.

By providing a baseline of 200+ trees, shrubs and other plants, Fuzor lets you populate your project without emptying your wallet. If you want or need additional regional content, foliage packs are available for purchase. All applicable trees have selectable seasonal change, adding versatility that other programs do not provide.

Tree Growth

For added value not found anywhere else, Fuzor's additional downloadable tree content unlocks our Tree Growth feature. With Tree Growth you can age your trees through a 5, 10 and 15 year growth cycle and see the results. Tree growth helps clients understand your project's initial planting state. It also lets them see what their project will look like in its prime as well as address potential future project impacts caused by larger species of plant life.

Foliage Fast Placement

To aid in placing foliage for landscaping , Fuzor provides fast placement, letting you create editable planting paths and areas that can be automatically populated with your chosen plant life.

When it comes to placing foliage, Fuzor's Fast Placement saves you the time and burden of individually placing each individual plant, and the planting paths and areas are editable, letting you easily adjust to design changes.

Fuzor's foliage has been used by architects, contractors and more for everything from adding life to a scene to prototyping planting arrangements. It has been used on different sized projects scaling from coffee shops to college campus additions. Seasonal change has been used to add color to landscape designs, and tree growth has been used for both its "WOW" factor as well as its utility in demonstrating how plant life will arrive on a project and what it will grow into.