Intuitive VR Menu

Fuzor's VR Menu places all of your VR abilities into an easy to use VR interface. Within the VR Menu you have access to you all of your VR tools. This includes VR design tools, 3D Mark-up controls, render options, saved view and map navigation, 4D controls, and Creator Mode.

View the BIM information of any selected object through the menu. Fuzor's VR Menu streamlines VR productivity - something only Fuzor offers. With Fuzor's array of VR productivity tools, VR viewing becomes more than visualization.

With the VR menu's easy accessibility, you can switch seamlessly between VR activities or use them in conjunction with one another. Switch to Movement Mode and grab an object, then use the teleport, Map Navigation or saved views to move to another part of your project, taking your held object with you. Select an object, activate to mark-up mode, create a 3D markup, then switch to the BIM information window and snapshot your markup next to your BIM information.