VR Navigation

Fuzor offers multiple VR options to travese your project in VR:

  •   Teleport using direct line-of-sight
  •   Jump to imported pre-established elevations
  •   Jump to any chosen position on the interactive mini-map
  •   Toggle gravity on and off for more realism or more maneuverability
  •   Access Fly Mode through the Creator Mode menu

Fuzor's intuitive VR navigation provides multiple methods of travel, letting you traverse any part of your project without limits. Use direct line of sight teleportation to quickly move from room to room, through walls, and up floors. For longer jumps the VR map can be used to provide instant cross-project movement without interference. In addition, it also provides a quick reference to your current location. You can also select from imported elevations to jump to that level.

VR Controllers

VR Navigation Map

Saved View Movement

To simulate safety hazards or drop-offs, gravity can be toggled on, letting you fall from unguarded ledges. This can be toggled off again to look over rails without falling. Finally, for unfettered movement similar to Free-Camera mode, you can switch to Fly Mode and position yourself anywhere for ease of design and otherwise inaccessible camera angles.